The Thunder-Stun Sends Up to 750,000 Volts Through an Assailant's Body

Plus, it sports a built-in flashlight

Big Brother is Upon Us! The Appian Stinger Camera Reads Plate Numbers, Calls the Cops, Runs Windows

Life's becoming really difficult for all speed addicts out there

Cheating Spouses, Rejoice! You Are Now Safe to Fornicate with Some Help from the Anti-Tracker GPS Blocker

A tiny device that blocks GPS tracking and data logging units

Biometric Security - a Body, a Password

Developing the biometric payment system

Brand New Carl Zeiss Webcams from Logitech

The webcams are going to be marketed soon

The Invisible Spy: Racing Tyre Wireless Camera!

The wireless device is hidden in a clock that looks like a tyre

You Have to Look the Iribio Mouse in the Eye

Authentification and mousing

Tazing Gropers with a Baby Seal

You didn't see that coming

RFID Tagged Cars in Bermuda: "Just Wear Tin Foil Helmets!"

The cars registered in Bermuda will be RFID tagged with 3M chips that will only contain vehicle-specific data

AVA Core's Cooling "Glove"

The device proved it can revitalize overheated athletes

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