ARM and IBM Reveal Internet of Things Starter Kit

It should help sync and centralize all information

Quantum Physics Enables Super Fast Data Transfers

Spin lasers can be used to send and receive information

ASUS Announces Major Collection of Hardware with USB 3.1

That means they all have at least one port of 10 Gbps

Powerline 1200 Adapter Released by TRENDnet

With this you'll have a network through the electrical wires

New Cable Cuts Recharge Time in Half - Video

Sonicable intends to alleviate the battery charge problem

CES 2015: USB Enables 5K Streaming Even Though Graphics Cards Can't

DisplayLink demos 5K display over one USB cable

DisplayLink Enables 4K Video over USB

The DL-5500 chipset will allow USB 3.0 to transmit 3840 x 2160 resolution

VIA Sues ASUS, Says They Stole Its Trade Secrets

Wants damages of NT$4.137 billion / $138 million / €100 million

10 Gbps USB 3.1 Connector Will Be Reversible but Also Smaller

It totally kills backwards compatibility, but the gains may just justify everything

Specs of 2014-Bound Intel Thunderbolt Interface Exposed

It will have to directly compete USB 3.1 10 Gbps, but at 20 Gbps itself, it should manage

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