iOS and OS X Are Beginning to Be as Targeted as Windows

Malware attacks against Apple products become more frequent

Dude Says He'll Let an Anaconda Eat Him Alive – Just How Nuts Is He?

Paul Rosolie says he'll put on a protective suit, cover himself in blood, let an anaconda eat him and hope for the best

Three Reasons Why Flexible Tablets Are Something to Watch Out For

LG will perhaps be the first to launch such tablets

WhatsApp Battery Issues on Windows Phone: Why the Secrecy?

The app continues to drain battery like hell on WP handsets

Are You Willing to Give Up Password Protection Entirely?

That's what Intel wants you to do starting next year

Dean McDermott Is a Hypocrite Who Wants You to Believe He’s Doing Reality TV to “Help Others”

The narrative changes each week, depending on the script – but this time, he’s scooped as low as anyone can go

Why the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2015) Doesn’t Really Make Sense Right Now

Samsung might be taking a big chance with this tablet

Apple CEO Tim Cook Is Gay and Out: Why Should We Care?

Coming out is becoming standard practice for public figures, but Cook’s announcement is one for the history books

Why Banning Google Glass in Theaters Is a Mindless Decision

There are a lot of reasons why Google Glass is the last device a pirate will use to rip a movie in the theaters

Xbox One Gets Another Price Cut, Impact Will Likely Be Minimal

Microsoft needs to find new ways to promote the device

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