Superman, Now in Full 3D Printed Splendor

And to think people actually said capes are bad news

Project Anywhere, a Gesture-Responsive VR Headset for Phones

It will use a phone application to take you to a new world

Rhinos Could Be Saved by 3D Printing Their Horns

One of the most unusual uses of additive manufacturing

Nanoscribe Shows Why They're the Masters of Micro 3D Printing

This figure of a figure skater is only 3 mm tall

Volcano Models Point Out Hazards Where Sensor Sweeps Can't

Lava flows or not, those places can be nasty business

How to Make the Skyrim Nightingale Bow in 12 Easy Steps

All you need is a 3D printer and a bit of good old patience

New 3D Printer Also Doubles as a Suitcase

You can take it with you on a trip quite easily

The Building Monster Is on the Approach, Usurps the Kraken's Name

A new and unique 3D printer has been created

Kickstarter: $375, a Great Deal for a New 3D Printer - Video

The GP43D Root 3D printer makes its second debut

Brazil's Tower of Christ Has Been 3D Scanned - Video

Rio de Janeiro intends to replicate the gigantic statue

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